Sunday, November 18, 2012

Super quiet low-key Sunday.

As such, it was a great day to contemplate quiet, and how sweet it is. Even boredom, which I did not experience today--sometimes boredom can be a little bit sweet, if it is in contrast to a frenetic pace of activity. Which this past week was.

Today, I read the entire Times minus the business section. And I also read a couple of magazines. Three magazines. And I took a nap, and ate leftovers. I checked in a couple of times on my online course. That was pretty much the long and short of it. What have I learned, you ask, from this quiet, not to say contemplative, day?

Well, I read this, about riding in the Quiet Car on Amtrak. Apparently it's a real thing, which, I know you've heard about the loud Americans and how very very loud they are when they go into foreign lands? But I remember a trip on a train from Darby to London where people talked on their cell phones for hours. So, think about that, so-called "quiet" not-Americans, when you're casting your aspersions about the noisy.

(For real, though: Americans are loud.)


I also heard this (okay, I took a short trip to Target) whilst driving to Target.  I am lately fascinated by the connection of the new brain science with cultural observations of all sorts. Is this kind of analysis/synthesis revelatory? or specious? Curious minds want to know.

When I got home, I did a little more searching. Now I kind of want to read this, and this was interesting also. Both are about storytelling, and maybe some connection with brain science as well. But while I was rummaging around on this bundle of sites (they explore the intersection between creativity, technology, and branding, which doesn't sound good when you/I put it that way, but I found a ton of interesting stuff there, so--check them out, I guess?), I found a really excellent article which led me to this new tool, which I can imagine running riot with. It lets you annotate video and images from the web--essentially, a swell tool for remix. I cannot wait to spend more time with it. Maybe I'll have something to post from it soon.

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