Friday, November 09, 2012

Omnibus post (with failed blog post topics).

Is it exhaustion? Is it November, the penultimate month of Blogging Every Day in the Year 2012? Is it Friday?

I don't know, but in the last several days, I have started more posts than I have brought to fruition.

For instance, there was the post about the guys who were taking way, way, way too long to order their damned footlong sandwich in front of me, who only wanted her mere four inch BLT.  (started to write; too churlish. Could not carry on. But seriously, guys. It's a sandwich. Get it together! There are hungry people right behind you who know what they want to order. Get out the way!) (Incidentally, sandwich ordering may be the only part of my life I have completely sorted.)

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on about election-related stuff, for instance some mean comments people are writing to each other on each others' blogs. But I am sick of it myself. Aren't you? (I don't really care to discuss how I check into those mean comments periodically, like touching a bruise to see if it still hurts.)

Also, I'm really rullllllly proud of each and every one of my kids right now. Kids! You are the freaking best! Better than all the other kids! (see? that's not a blog post, right there. Annoying.) (But: FOR REAL, kids.)

Just now, I thought I would write about how my house smells like baking onions. Because I'm baking onions. And last night, it smelled like banana chocolate chip ginger bread, which is a seriously good way for your house to smell. Is that a blog post? I don't think so. (Tomorrow, it will smell like apple tart, in case you're interested.)

But none of these made it into a whole blog post of its own. None achieved Independent Blog Post Stature. Instead, each will have to live as a snippet within an omnibus blog post about how I am a little bit idea-less right now. Which also seems like a terrible blog post. But it is allllll that I have right now, and that's the truth.


  1. But put your scraps in the trough, HT, and I'll lap them up--especially if they're infused with onions, gingerbread, and apple tarts.

  2. I liked this. Like a close-up on the texture of the cloth. And every day showing up here? That also.

  3. I wish I was there to eat some of that delightfulness, and to hang out!

  4. Radagast, Emma J, and Amelia I second you all. Even when you're looking for things to write about, you still write circles around everyone else.

    Thanks for that, HTMS.

  5. I too, keep poking the bruises. I'm sorry many people are being so mean right now. I think apple tart and snow could go a long way to make things better.



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