Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday WIN.

1. Wake up when I wake up (at 8:18 a.m., and technically Bruiser woke me up, but there was sunshine in my window).
2. Oatmeal for breakfast, because I found where I "kept" the oatmeal (or where I lost it, whichever).
3. Conversation with grandson (he called me--"I got McQueen shoes. I want a Spiderman 'brella. It was three bucks! It's for the rain.").
3. Downloaded OS Lion to both my Macs. Score.
4. Read my novel.
5. Returned library books: no late fees. Score.
6. Movie with my friend at Brewvies. Veggie burger/fries. Score.
7. Meet the historian downtown for dinner at Red Rock, the Oscar live action shorts at the Tower.

read for awhile, late night dogwalk action/stormwatch. Life is plain old good.

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