Friday, February 24, 2012

The Megastore recommends.

1. A chocolate croissant. My friend and I had a chat today after my morning class. We sat out on the Student Center patio, because the sun was brilliant and, although it was a little chilly, the sun was brilliant, if you catch my drift. Believe me when I say a pain au chocolat was about the best possible accompaniment to that kind of sun/cold/sun scenario.

2. Hydrangeas. I find this flower to be approximately the perfection of flowers, along with roses. I am pretty sure that science has proven it to be so, and if not, what is the point of science? I bought them because I am having brunch for some of my children tomorrow. I think brunch calls for flowers, don't you?

3. And speaking of brunch, isn't it the best? I love having people over for brunch because there are practically no foods that you make for brunch that are overly complicated, and I am much less likely to plan aspirational menus for this meal. Also, pancakes, to wit: cottage cheese pancakes, Deborah Madison's recipe. They are unbelievably good. Fruit compote, sausage, frittata, juice. It will be superb.

4. A comedy on Friday night. Tonight, there were worthy movies at the Broadway, and I'll probably regret not having seen them at some point. But sometimes, more than anything, something to make me laugh is what's called for. Actually, laughing is called for pretty much all the time, yet more times than we like to admit, there are no comedies in the offing. This is, I think we can all agree, unacceptable. What is this, a dictatorship? When did America become a realm of humorless tyranny? In a democracy, a comedy should always be available on a Friday night. (And why does this topic never come up in the debates? I ask you! Candidates: get on this!) 

Now, some of you have higher standards than I have, comedy-wise--I require that comedies make me laugh, is all, and will allow for high, low, and in-between levels of dignified. Choose for your own standards, but above all, choose to laugh.


  1. I love Hydrgangeas too. Did you know that their color is dependent on the acidity of the soil? True!

  2. Posts like these are great for driving traffic to your site!!!! (Seriously, I enjoyed this...)

  3. All of these recommendations are excellent. I must follow them asap.



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