Sunday, February 05, 2012

Megastore Infirmary.

Unfair, is what it is when you had the sick just a couple of weeks ago and then, after a fine Saturday of grandchild basketball and writing, and Mexican food and reading and chatting away with the historian, you find yourself in the evening with the sniffles and then the sneezes and then, when you wake up of a Sunday morning, a full-on reprise of The Head Cold of Yesterweek. This is total bullshit, I say, pardon my swear.

Here are a few things I would like to reprise, for the record:

  • the culinary triumph of last weekend's roast chicken for a Sunday dinner
  • the aesthetic satisfaction of knocking out a poem draft
  • the joy of watching kids run up and down a basketball court, or, for that matter, a soccer field, if the weather's nicer
  • a good day in class
  • having a salad with my friend
  • finishing one Scandinavian detective novel and starting another
  • a cup of tea in the morning
  • a chat with the Scotlands
Please note: on the list above, there is no "The Head Cold of Yesterweek." Because a reprise of that is not good. 

I will now resume my nose-blowing and whining offline. Megastore out.


  1. Roast chicken is the best. Cold, part deux, is the worst. I hope that because it's a repeater, it is gone by the afternoon. At two o'clock, in time for you to look forward to dinner.
    (oooh. Captcha is "exasp." I think a little short-hand for exasperated is due right now. As in I am exasp with this cold."

  2. Whinge away, HT. A plague o' all these plagues!

  3. Get your tonsils out already. ;)



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