Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I am reading tomorrow night at City Art. I am also sick. I have been revising a small batch of recent poems for this reading. I am also sick. Did I just say that twice?

Me, to the historian:  I maybe don't have faith in these poems.

Historian: (waits, as he has, perhaps, heard me convey this sentiment before.)

Me: ...but maybe that's because I'm sick.

Historian: (radiates total compassion and understanding. Also understands that he's possibly better off waiting this particular conversation out.)

Me:  ...but then I often feel that way about my poems?

Historian: (through ESP communicates that these poems are, and will be, just fine.) I hate to see you feeling so bad--do you need me to get you anything?

Me: (sigh.) No.


  1. Bless the historian and his patient ways!

  2. The historian is a wise man.

    I am sure your reading tonight will be amazing! I wish I could be there but I am off to ABQ.

  3. I love so much about this post.

  4. The historian IS a wise man. I wish I could see you read!

  5. I'm here to say HTMS was awesome last night. Definitely on her game--dominating the paint, blocking out, raining 3s, making the shot from downtown, playing above the rim. Bank on it: HTMS will be dancing in March.

    Well done, Lisa B.



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