Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Megastore recommends.

1. Watch kids play sports.  It will make you happy, because sometimes they run down the court (this is basketball) with their arms all a-wavin' because the more effort the more fast, obviously; and usually they've got their arms all up in the air on the defensive end, because the more arms, it's like a thicket of  briars and the ball will obviously not make it through; and sometimes they'll dribble the ball more or less continuously, and if there's a double dribble, who's counting?; and sometimes, they'll shoot the ball and score. And that, the people, is a pure shot of happy.

these are internet children playing b-ball.
who knows if they're even real?

2.  Take down your Christmas tree. The tree is crispy, it's February, the tree is leaning precipitously forward. Go ahead and compliment yourself on your great taste in ornaments while you take them off the branches, needles flying. Or don't. You can check the lights to see if they still work after you've yanked/untangled them. Or don't. Either way, it's time. Feel free to wrap things up in tissue paper or put them lovingly into their boxes, or throw them into a big mess. Christmas is over. We opened all the presents. Time to make some other kind of cookies.

not my tree. at all.

3.  Buy more of the same old thing. Maybe it's true that you have more black and gray skirts than you can shake a stick at. Maybe, upon occasion, you've told yourself that you don't need any more gray/black skirts. This may be the reason you recently bought a red and a blue skirt, and that was good. Fine. Excellent, even. Still, when you happen upon another gray skirt and it is, while still a gray skirt, not like any of the other two dozen gray skirts you own, you might be right--you might need that skirt. So go ahead. Categories exist so we can name what we do and do not like. Gray skirts, speaking categorically, are a pretty great thing. You like them. So buy it already.

I wish I could say I would never buy this skirt.
But what I can say is: I did not buy this skirt.
This is an internet skirt, obviously.

4.  Walk downtown at night. Let's say that the distances between your movie, your restaurant, and your hotel are only a handful of blocks. Why not walk? It makes you feel, at least a little bit, like you live downtown. You know you've always thought that living downtown could be fun. Good thing you wore shoes you can walk in. Tuck your hand in the arm of your beloved and walk while you talk about the good things, like how happy you are to be with him. You're walking in the city that's (more or less) your home on your anniversary, so look up, be on the streets, enjoy them.

Salt Lake City itself.


  1. Just lovely, F. All four. Think I'll soon be doing all of the first one that I can handle. Shots of happy. That's something.

  2. I love this walking downtown one a lot. No matter how small the town, walking between restaurant and next event and next event makes the town feel like a real city.

  3. at least you took down your tree before valentines day this year. haha but seriously. wowza. :P



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