Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brief letters.

Dear quiet night at home,

I know that you occured in part because the historian has a cold and needs his rest, and also because there is an irresistible trifle of a novel that basically demanded to be finished, and also because there was leftover shrimp Vindaloo as well as leftover tortilla soup. And also because I have a powerful ability to procrastinate necessary tasks, such as grading. Even so, quiet night at home, how delightful, how restorative you have been. You have been the very fulfillment of a Tuesday, distilled to its quintessence. I cherish you.




Dear trifle of a novel,

How I adore you. You have, by virtue of your occasionally tart wit but also your surprisingly open-hearted address to the need of the reader to believe, at least sometimes, in happiness, entirely satisfied me. I know you are not brilliant, but you are good, for a trifle. In fact, dear trifle of a novel, you have caused me to brighten the aura surrounding the word "trifle." That's how entirely satisfactory you were.




Dear grading,

Ugh, are you still there?

I am sorry, but we will never be friends.

I said good day,



Dear tomorrow,

You are when I will grade.

I promise,



Amelia said...

I too loved the trifle of a novel!

Nik said...

Tuesday night restoration! May it last deep into wednesday.

radagast said...

Ah yes, tomorrow. All will be well with the world, tomorrow (which, reportedly, creeps in a petty pace).

Btw, I've noticed a bit of Ferris Bueller creeping into your prose, of late. Well done. Anyone else notice that? Anyone?

Word verif: oldith (most aged?)

gilian said...

Grading is overrated. Brief letters are awesome.

Ann said...

Loved this. I'm going to give Pemberly another chance because of you.

ABick said...

Dear Mom,

Have you read the Hunger Games yet?
get over your fears and READ IT! :)

college daughter


MJ said...

Love love love LOVE!

(Pemberly is trifle novel? Must find. And yes, Hunger Games -- last book limps at the very end but otherwise not a waste.)


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