Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Oscars were a bust this year, and I protest.

About what, I'm not sure, but I am not happy about it, whatever it is.

America, Midnight in Paris is no better than average work for Woody Allen in his late period, no more and no less

America, when will you get over your infatuation with a European funny man?

America, Meryl Streep is a joy forever, but Viola Davis is an equal treasure.

America, do not be afraid of Rooney Mara and her goth demeanor.

America, why only two nominated songs? And why only one good one? And why not perform it?

America, where are your great movies? Why hide them under a bushel? Why not let them shine forth?

America, the movies are embossed by silvery images,* which are our great fortune: moreover, the movie's not always the sick man of the arts: our motion picture is still life unchanging, not nature dead,**

and therefore, America, the Oscars must not ever, ever again be this lame.

That is all.

*Frank O'Hara, "Ave Maria"
**Robert Lowell, "Harpo Marx"


    billy crystal=awesome.
    random actors talking about why movies are awesome=awesome.
    octavia spencer win=awesome.

    everything else? kinda lame.

  2. I was nervous that Billy wouldn't be funny this year -- must admit to being pleasantly surprised. As for the rest of it (which, bytheway, ended around 11:45 p.m. EST) . . . kinda lame indeed. Except for Octavia Spencer's acceptance speech, of course.

  3. Thanks for this review, HTMS. I have been so grumpy lately--SO GRUMPY! With everything! Including with waitresses and service at unnamed tea shops! Which made me wonder if my Oscar meh-ness last night was just caused by me.

    Thanks for the reality check.

  4. I watched 0% of this event. Sounds like I didn't miss much.

  5. Rooney Mara = so freaking adorable.



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