Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter: a pro/con analysis.

Yesterday I dreamed that I took a Bichon Frise dog over to Oprah's house, along with all my youngest son's friends and I think my former was in there too. It was very bad manners, clearly--in real life I would never invite so many people plus a dog to Oprah's.  By the way, she was none too happy about that dog.

 Today, the day it snowed, I felt some irritating little illness waiting in the wings. So I read and slept and did some dishes and laundry and laid around some more. We watched a lot of Downton Abbey. The second season is even soapier than the first season. Sudsy. I can't wait for the next episode.

I hope it snows all week.

(p.s.: happy birthday mom!)


  1. January. It needs a list like this as a reminder to look at the light and the snow differently. Because otherwise, it's going to be a long winter.

  2. I came home to a bichon frise in the front yard just a couple of weeks ago. Called around and found out it belonged to a neighbor around the block. Those dogs are wanderers. No wonder Oprah was bugged.

  3. I think winter is meant for the hunkering down and the drinking of dark brown liquids (coffee, at noon switch to whiskey), for hibernation and for working inside while wearing sweaters and possibly mittens.

  4. Oprah! Reminds me of the Oprah episode of 20 rock

  5. I loved every little detail about this post. DAMN GIRL, YOU CAN WRITE!



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