Friday, January 06, 2012

Short letters.

Dear hard chairs,

Today, you were ubiquitous during the meeting after meeting after meeting I attended. You did not make my life any easier.




Dear cafeteria lunch,

I basically swore you off at the end of last year. 2012 was going to be the healthy, bring it from home food year. Yet there you were, with your BLT hack, your barbecue potato chips and Dr. Pepper. I resent you for reminding me how very weak I am.

I will not be eating you again anytime soon,



Dear all-day tall boots,

You are too cute for words, and while I was wearing you, you made me feel a little bit like a goddess. However, you wore out your welcome by 3 p.m., it must be said. Perhaps you are more like 5 and a half hour tall boots.

I will make a note of it,



Dear motivational speaker,

I wanted to do grievous harm to your PowerPoint slides and especially to how you said "bing!" when you wanted the next slide to come up. Seriously?

Never darken my door again,



Brenda Miller said...

Dear Lisa,
so nice to see you again! I just started blogging and yours inspires.

gilian said...

I'm kinda giggling about the motivational speaker.

Amelia said...

Bacon can always entice a hungry tummy! Bing!

Nik said...

He motivated you right out of the room. Impressive. Bing! And Amelia's right, bacon is the most persuasive of the foods.

middlebrow said...

Oh gawd, the motivational speaker. Truly terrible.

Ann said...

I wish you had a LIKE button on your blog. I would have pushed it multiple times just now.

Laszlo Irving said...

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