Wednesday, January 04, 2012

In which I am taken to task yet again.

At breakfast:

Grandson (4 and a half years old. Conversationally):  Our tree is down.

Me:  Really? Mine is still up.

Daughter 1:  MOM.

Me:  What? I've only had it for two weeks.

Daughter 2:  MOM!

Grandson:  You need to take it down.

Me:  But I like it! It still smells good and it looks pretty.

Grandson:  Christmas is over! We opened all the presents!

Me: I might leave it up a little longer.

Daughters: [roll eyes, collectively]

Grandson: Take down it.


  1. I used to get my tree down by the first. But this year I thought WTH. Leave it up. So I did. And I'm happy about it.

  2. *Rolls eyes in Scotland just to join in* Over here people used to put their trees up 12 days before Christmas and take it down 12 days after Christmas. Good rule of thumb.



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