Sunday, January 15, 2012

Short letters.

Dear three-day weekend,

I appreciate the way you have magically transformed Monday into a more lovely thing.

please come back in February,



Dear kitchen,

Please clean yourself. I really want to bake, but I can't when you're as messy as you are. I realize this is probably at least partly my fault, but I'm also a little demoralized.

at least get me started?


cc: my study, my bedroom, pretty much my whole house


dear impending snowstorm,


hurry up,



  1. If your kitchen, study, office, etc. do comply with your request, please share the secret. I'd be more than willing to trade some fabulous baked goods or some other lovely tasty bites for that bit of info!

    Enjoy your Monday!

  2. Love these short letters! Love this month's banner -- I should have known that the birdy heiroglyph is spelling out htms!Love the singing parties! Love the advice about writing and choice and permission! Love the idea of cherry red Doc Martens! It's so nice to be able to slip back into this place you make on this node of the webs and find you still open for business!

  3. Wish it had been a three day weekend.



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