Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Key facts.

  • My favorite kind of reading glasses

routinely break like brittle china.

  • Ergo, I order a pile of them. So I have more when they break. Perhaps I should consider a new style/brand/Lasik? I don't know. They are my favorite.
  • It is the historian's birthday today. He has a cold. Is that fair? I ask you.
  • We are watching the Australian Open. Rod Laver and Roger Federer are talking. It's kind of great.
  • My classes were awesome today. Sometimes it feels like, if you set things up right, your courses turn into little centers of industry, with all kinds of good things happening, humming along. Or, y'know, things could fall apart tomorrow. But I don't think so.
  • Today this book arrived at my house: 

Vatnasafn/Library of Water
Roni Horn

it is awesome.
  • Even though it was a birthday, it was a work day. Where is the birthday cake? I ask you. I guess that's why birthdays last a week. They do, don't they?
  • Okay. Time to get you a little more DayQuil, honey.


  1. There ought to be a law that illness can never fall on one's birthday. Maybe some cake -- after the Dayquil -- will help the historian feel better?

  2. I was sick on my birthday too. But then, in my house, birthdays last the whole month.

  3. Happy, happy to the Historian. As it turns out, I gave his book to Ken yesterday for Ken's birthday (today--but he's out of town). He was thrilled, as well he should have been.

  4. Happy Birthday Historian! Get well soon. And we're all sick over here too, if that's any consolation.

  5. Birthday celebrations should last the whole week for sho. Feel better soon John!



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