Sunday, January 29, 2012

More river.

Today, we did another piece of the Jordan River walk, between 4800 South and 3900 South and back. Because the historian rides along the river all the time, he knows what are the charms of each segment, and he did not recommend this bit highly. "It's right up against some apartments on one side," he said, "and on the other side there's some industrial stuff."

But in this project, I am a little bit literal minded. I want to walk all the parts, pretty or no. I want to see the whole thing, preferably in order. So off we went.

It reminded me a little bit of the L.A. River, the part we walked when we were there last May, by the Glendale Narrows. Industrial/railroad on one side, residential on the other, big deep culvert with hardly any water for a lot of it, but the parts with water, deep down in the culvert, were so beautiful, and the more beautiful for where they were situated. The river today was high, so there were no dry parts as in L.A. It rushed and poured in between the apartments and the warehouses, and there were some gorgeous meanders and plant life, and a few birds.

The historian is right about this segment, but it also seemed to have its beauties.



  1. Ahhh. Have I mentioned how much I love your project? Gorgeous pictures. So weird. Llamas, ducks, bulldozers. Utah.

  2. More river. More light. Merci.

    (word verifier? bless)

  3. Nice. Keep posting updates and pics from this great project.

  4. I agree! Cool project!

  5. I LOVE this project. Right here a reason to re-addict myself to my computer! I keep thinking of your video essay on rivers while looking at these pictures.



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