Monday, January 02, 2012


About two-thirds of the way through last semester, with great gnashing of teeth and rending of garments I declared that I was going to do everything differently this semester, absolutely EVERYTHING, I was going to bin every single thing I was currently doing and every premise on which I based the things I was currently doing. It was all crap and my teaching was in bad faith. Terrible.

A couple of weeks later, I realized that I always feel this same way at the two-thirds point of each and every semester. So I decided to settle right down. In this more mellow mood, I took many, many notes on several tiny pieces of paper, some of which I still have, with the ideas I had for improving the stuff I was currently doing. Like: find a few new readings; give more detailed instructions about this and that; have two consultations in the semester instead of one; set standards and enforce them, do not yield! etcetera.

Then I turned in my grades and life turned blissful. It has been thus for a couple of weeks. I explicitly told myself that I would not think about school until the new year.

Today, the people, is that new year.

Suddenly, as I look more closely at how much I need to do to be ready, my notes seem rather inadequate to the task. Alas.

However I DO have some resolutions for the new year. That is, I have resolved to

  • attend one literary reading per month,
  • plan writing time each week,
  • take a longer walk several times each week,
  • plan a family dinner once a month,
  • make more music,
  • always be reading,
and I am also going to try to take the longer view when I feel like I'm the worst teacher in the world, or the lamest writer, or whatever. The long view, the people. 2012 is all about the long view.


  1. Well said! The people support the taking of "the long view!" Thanks for the words of inspiration.

  2. Awesome post. And your goals? Doable.

    I personally will look forward to showing up on your doorstep here daily to be entertained and enlightened. Thanks, HTMS!

  3. The long view sounds good.

    word verif: nakeec

    Need I say more?

  4. With the blogging every day, I have to up my commenting to every day too. I am excited for 2012



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