Saturday, January 07, 2012

Saturday stats.

Consumed: toast with almond butter. pineapple and pink oranges with a little mint sugar. spritz cookies, salted pecans, sugar cookies, diet Dr. Pepper. french fries. root beer. papaya salad. panang curry.

Mood: desultory.

Viewed: 30 min. of episode one, season one, Homeland. Tintin.

Listened to: Amy Winehouse. Sufjan Stevens. Julian Casablancas. Kanye/Jay-Z. Brandon Flowers. Keane. Modest Mouse.

Visited: my folks in Orem. MacDonalds (see french fries above).

In company with: my two youngest kids.

Housework: the dishes.

Read: The Movie Club (on Slate). More of An Uncertain Place (Vargas).

Waiting for me: Mistborn (at the public library).

Constitutional: (pending) walk with the dog.

Decisions still pending: what shall I make for dinner tomorrow? what shall my policy on late work be? how shall I begin the next poem? shall I hope for more snow?


  1. What about the movie? Need a report.

  2. Homeland: pretty good

  3. Nice. May I borrow this format for my own blog?

  4. Speaking of lists of movies that I never remember to see, are you going to do your 2011--a year in review--post so I can steal it for my Netflix queue?
    God. I hope you don't feel used but seriously, I am inept at making my own lists.

  5. Nik: I did already!

    (This is all the movies I saw, so you have to look at the complex system of exclamation points after each title to see which ones I liked.)



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