Monday, November 30, 2009

The sick.

Given a requisite amount of contagion and proximity to it, you might find yourself sick in bed on a Monday after the long weekend. Sick, as in, maybe I'll catch up on the last of the grading, but no. Sick as in, maybe a shower would make me feel better, but no. Sick as in, I might need to go out for a couple of minutes to mail my manuscript times six, but that made my eyes, teeth, ears and skin hurt.

Sick as in, where's the justice, the people?

In case you are planning a bout of this type of illness, here's a handy guide to the things you can do while sick, and some things you can't:

1. you can read 25 pages of a novel
2. you cannot read 2 paragraphs of a theory book
3. you can heat soup in a microwave
4. you can toast bread
5. you can make a cup of tea
6. you cannot chop anything
7. you can lay in bed with the dog
8. you cannot take the dog for a walk
9. you can watch television, but your eyes will hurt
10. you can assist your beloved with the crossword with your eyes closed
11. you cannot grade
12. you can remember when it is time to take the DayQuil Severe Cold and Flu again.

In conclusion, it is time for me to lie down again. Good night.


  1. Vivacity and wit even in sickness! Wishing you many bowls of chicken soup and a quick recovery.

  2. Dear Lisa:

    Please consider correlating a children's version. It would be most helpful. Hayden had a bad headache yesterday and I let him stay home. Guess who felt fine about 10 minutes later?? :-S

    Kindest Regards,
    Fooled again.

  3. Feel better, ASAP!

  4. Take care, my dear.

  5. So sorry to hear that you are ailing, but glad that if you have to be sick, which is apparently required for everyone either immediately pre- or post-holiday/long weekend, that at least you had toast and tea and a dog to lay nearby.

    Wait--how great would it be if the dog could make the toast and tea? And serve it as well? Now that would be sweet indeed.

    Hope you feel better and soon.

  6. Feeling better yet?

  7. Feel better, HM. Come back to us. Sincerely, the people.

  8. Hey, I swear I said "feel better" over here. More of that forgetting and remembering at the wrong times problem.
    Beautiful new header. I take confidence that you're a little bit more well.



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