Friday, November 20, 2009

Vampire movie: an acrostic.

Now listen, vampire movie,
Either you're
Worth seeing or you're not, I really don't give a damn, but O

MG, it was extra annoying to go to the
Oversized megaplex,
Only to find it crowded by
New Moonies who, as

It turned out, had overflowed into the movie I wanted to see,

And that,
My dear vampire movie, kind of pis-

Sed me off.
Of all the

Movie theaters in
All the world, you had to overcrowd mine.
Driving across the valley to catch another showing

@ 7:45 p.m. was the frosting on my bitterness.

Yes, I know, bitterness doesn't need frosting,
O Smartypants Vampires and your theater-clogging Fans: I took
Umbrage, I was Wrathful, I'm full of Unabridged Fume.


  1. First an ode, now an acrostic . . . I am hoping for a villanelle sometime soon. On - I don't know - road repair?

    I think sometimes frosting goes well with bitterness - for example, when they are both so nicely concocted as here.

  2. Pis-sed off. My new favorite line break. Perhaps this is where the Zombie craze comes from--the feeling that vampire-movie-goers infect, contage, and finally overwhelm all other forces.

  3. Yes, Nik, that is the vampire movie I want to see. The one where the zombies attack the vampires, and win!
    A hilarious post, HTMS.
    I hope you enjoyed your movie.

  4. I was ambivalent, but now that the vampire movie has messed with my friends, I have taken sides. I don't like the vampire movie and I don't like people who do. In fact, I am going to stop talking to anybody who even sees the vampire movie until they apologize to us for seeing it.

  5. that is funny! love it a lot.
    although new moon was only enjoyable for the shirtless-ness



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