Monday, November 09, 2009

Mouse club.

Proposition 1: a house without its cat is more likely to have a mouse situation than a house with its cat.

Proposition 2: a house bordered along its back fence by a deep field is more likely to have a mouse situation than a house sans such a field.

Let me see if I can represent this in the form of an equation:


  1. I wish my high school math teachers taught with half that clarity. I might have understood it.

  2. Dude. Time to get yourself another cat.

  3. I know someone who has been known to show up unannounced with an adorable kitten, after only the mere mention of the thought of getting a cat...

    I could, uh, call her up and let her know you're in the market, if you like.

    word verification: thorizo: noun; recently discovered method for increasing the likelihood of someone suffering from mental health issues to take his or her medication by stirring it into the filling for a soft shell taco.

  4. Mice! Eek! and way to go on the maths. See you can do it!



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