Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ode to my sweaters.

You are of so many colors,
though occasionally you tumble
from your shelf and incite slightly

rude remarks but I thank you
anyway, my sweaters,
for how you are so warm in your variegated

ways: the way of the cardigan,
the way of the v-neck
and the way, even,

of the plain pullover:

for the argyle is geometric,
and the cableknit is like the code
of life, twisty and mind-bending,

if you are the type
whose mind is apt to be bent
by sweaters,

and lo, when the weather is cold
and sometimes even
when it is not, I am that very type:

you, mind-bending pink sweater,
inexplicably meant for men,
which is why

I bought you marked down
to $9.99 at Target: it is almost the day
when I will find you again,

and think, you, pink sweater,
today is just the day
for a pink sweater: etcetera

etcetera &c,
for each sweater there is
just the day: it is my happy genius

to find that day in its full
representing in a statement of knit.


  1. Obviously I need more sweaters.
    And (non sequitir) if you haven't seen the new Maria Bamford Target ads, you are in for a treat.

  2. your happy genius, indeed!

  3. Of all your many talents, this sweater genius one tops my list of things I most admire about you.

    Carry on.



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