Monday, November 23, 2009

The gratitude abecedarian.

My daughter's most recent blog post is a gratitude ABC--so in the spirit of the season, here goes mine:
A . . . algorithms, because they make stuff like Google work. People who
know how to work with algorithms. People who know what algorithms are.
B . . . Bruiser, of course. and my brother. my shiny red bicycle. with a basket. breakfast. my bed. this blog and the blogs of my friends and compatriots.
C . . . the family cabin. California. my beloved the computer.
D . . . daughters--and my dad. detective fiction. dinner. dusk.
E . . . an education. (thanks, all the people who were involved in my
education, starting with my mom and dad)
F . . . friends, old and new. the farmer's market.
G . . . grandchildren! they are glorious! glimmer and gleam. also glitter.
H . . . the splendid historian.
I . . . Idaho. my iPod. inspiration--whatever it is that makes me want to do or make something new.
J . . . jets, like the ones that took us to Dublin, me to Massachusetts, and us to Los Angeles.
K . . . kitchen, where I spend some of my happiest hours.
L . . . laughing--I love to laugh. the library.
M . . . my mom, and the movies. music. the moon.
N . . . naps. they are so choice. my nieces and nephews.
O . . . orange, both the color and fruit--a guaranteed dose of happy.
P . . . poetry, yeah poetry. and pancakes.
Q . . . quadriceps and other leg muscles, which allow me to walk. Basically, all muscles.
R . . . rivers. Places full of rivers.
S . . . sons, and my sisters, sparkle, shimmer, shine. sight. the sky.
T . . . Target. duh. Travel and trips.
U . . . unhurry--times when things flow and I am not stressed and everything feels good.
V . . . video chat. video essays.
W . . . work--glad to have a job, glad to have a job that means something to me. And writing. And the World Wide Web.
X . . . -ray vision. Which I have, but I use sparingly. And in secret.
Y . . . yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Z . . . zillions of other things that are possibly too frivolous to name as things I am grateful for even though I truly am, such as: ribbon, cute shoes, lipstick, television shows, my neighborhood, the yellow berries on the trees, burning bush, birds of all stripes, vistas of all kinds, road trips, staying up late, potato chips, winter mornings, summer evenings, the hilarious things my students say/write, the color yellow, and all sorts of pizzazz.

TAGS: thankful, grateful, big & little, what can be named


  1. I'm stealing this idea.

  2. Yes, you inspired me Lisa B.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful "activity idea" for the boys to do on a rainy afternoon off before T-Day (perhaps their father as well!).

  4. I adore this. Well done.



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