Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How tomorrow will be different from today: a brief study.

Last night, I could not sleep because, in my brain, there were to-do lists all deconstructed, floating around, atomized, items separated from their bullet points, bullet points separated from their backbone, the backbone disconnected from the neck bone.

Tomorrow will be different from that.

Today, I coasted into my workplace at the appointed hour--but did that rather important staff member possibly glance at me askance? because my hair was still damp and maybe she'd already been there for two hours? So what? I was working when I should have been sleeping last night, okay? Or possibly there was no askance at all. Probably. Still: back off!

Tomorrow, I will chill out.

Today, I kept thinking, isn't there a day in between now and Thanksgiving, a day when I can hang up my clothes and do the laundry and put things away in general and sit with the dog while drinking a warm beverage? and take a nap and listen to music? and read?

Nope, no such day. But at least it will be Thanksgiving, and that's good.

Tomorrow there will be: a pie to bake. A lovely salad to concoct. A walk with the dog. Music and newspaper reading. Possible sleeping in, a little. And then the drive down to the next valley, and the whole whirl of family and food and everything good that goes with that. That's the Thanksgiving metric.

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  1. I know! Today should have been much more relaxing than it was. But still, it had it's lovely parts.
    Now that the pie is done, I feel like I'm mostly done with everything. Exceprt for, oh yeah, the turkey. Etc.
    Hope yours is lovely and that I see you soon!

  2. I hope your Thanksgiving was as lovely as your pie and salad, which I know were epic.

  3. I hope your Thanksgiving was super chill and lovely. Happy long weekend.



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