Sunday, December 06, 2009

Alive, but only just.

Part one. This week I have dragged myself out of bed to

1. shower twice
2. make tea
3. open and close the door for Bruiser
4. go to one long, long long long long long long day at work
5. go to one short meeting the next day
6. fetch the remote.

Part 2. The last several mornings I awoke and thought, I think I might feel better. Then, sometimes just five minutes later, I thought, nope. Sometimes I actually got out of bed and made my cup of tea before this second thought came to me.

Part 3. DayQuil has not vanquished this insidious ailment. To get Biblical, which only seems appropriate for this affliction, DayQuil is as grass before the wrath of it. The affliction, I mean, not the Bible.

Part 4. I look horrible. I feel horrible, but the people, I really look horrible, and that just doubles down the whole demoralizing deal.

Part 5. Here are the things I have cooked this week: toast. tea. canned soup. leftovers. I'm not sure how you get better on a diet of that.

Part 6. Sometimes I thought Bruiser was taking care of me by laying with me, but then I realized he was mainly laying with me in the afternoon when the sun was streaming in the window. In other words, he could care less about me and my illness. He only cares about himself and his sun needs.

Part 7. And do my sinuses still ache? and do I feel dehydrated and congested? and did I sleep like I was dead this afternoon? and do I have meetings I should probably rouse myself to attend tomorrow?

And do I have faith that I will get better anytime soon?

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  1. Sounds like your december is more wild grumpus than wild rumpus so far. I feel you.

  2. Oh the Lisa. This sounds grim. I take it as a sign of improvement that you can send out a blog SOS. I wish I were there to bring you proper soup.

  3. I think this means free pass to no meetings. Stay home. You must stay home and get better, even if it is the last week of classes. They can survive without you. Send them email. Aren't we supposed to stay home and not spread germs? Isn't that college policy?

  4. I have been waiting for an update - and am so sad to hear that you have indeed been sick and not cozy-sick, but sicker-than-a-dog sick.

    Speaking of dogs - could Bruiser be that heartless? maybe he just had all his other doggy duties keeping him busy up until the sunny bed time of day? And how like a dog to combine pleasure and duty.

    per #7 - the answer to all those questions must surely be yes

  5. sorry that you are so sick. :(

    I made chocolate babka yesterday, inspired by you, and it made me happy.

    I hope you are happy and baking again soon!

  6. you should absolutely miss your meetings tomorrow and stay home. I'm sorry you're so sick.

  7. Part 6 reminds me of the Billy Collins poem,

  8. You even make sick sound funny. But. I am suffering for you.

  9. sounds like we have a similar ailment--my head is splitting open, my nose is dripping....

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