Sunday, December 20, 2009

An ache in it.

Starting out the month of December with a week of sick--yes, I'm still whining about that--means that the rest of it is all compressed. All the festive, the baked, the decorative, the get-together-ness. Not to mention the grading.

This December has had and will have some big events in it. My son is coming home from Singapore, for instance, in just three days. In just three days, two years of his remote presence will be concluded, and he will be here to laugh with us, to eat meals, to see movies, listen to music, sleep with the dog. Last week, his older brother defended his master's thesis. We attended the defense and listened to the evidence of his accomplishment, his learning, his scholarship.

And then there are projects: my daughter raised a bunch of money with some of her friends to renovate and redecorate a room at the Ronald McDonald house. Another daughter finished up a successful semester at school, while working really hard to earn not quite enough money. And the transitions: another son just got a new job and is moving to Virginia. And Scotland daughter is very far away with her two beautiful daughters, and her husband who just got made the bishop of their ward.

I don't write very directly so often here about my kids and grandkids. I love them all so much. I am so proud of all of them. That--all that feeling, how powerful it is--that could be everything there is for me. It sometimes feels like my heart could break, over and over again, with the hugeness of it.

This week the mother of a son's good friend died in her sleep. She was only a little older than I am. I read her obituary today and saw the picture of her when she was a little younger. She was beautiful. She was a knockout. The story of her life--what she did, her accomplishments, what and who she leaves behind--I feel overwhelmed by these thoughts right now.

What is life for, except to live it? What is life for, if not to be overtaken by these loves?


  1. we love you.
    "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
    Its loveliness increases; it will never
    Pass into nothingness."
    Your post made me think of this, that we try and seek to capture the lovely and "of good report" and that has lasting meaning.

  2. Yes, the ache. But a good ache. It's true. But many good things coming...

  3. "That could be everything there is for me." Yes. Amen. It's scary how powerful it is. Right to the bone.

  4. Oh yes. So much.

  5. Well said. I'm so happy to be a part of this family.

  6. lovely, but how about a hankie warning on these posts for those of us reading at work!

  7. I read this post days ago and have been able to carry the lovely echo through the intervening days - your words underlining all the ways I am daily overtaken - a lovely love-ful post, thanks.

  8. beautiful. beautiful. and i'm thinking today was a very, very good day for you.
    love to all there

  9. "What is life for, except to live it? What is life for, if not to be overtaken by these loves?" Was thinking about this very thing--to be overtaken by the good things as life's essential purpose--while the family was sleeping and I was driving us back from Vegas.



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