Thursday, December 10, 2009

My agenda is full.

Still to do:
  1. Grade everything. Literally. I'll be grading you, in fact. I hope you've turned everything in.
  2. Bake. Everything. Literally.
  3. Buy metric ton of butter for #2. Ditto sugar and flour. And sprinkles.
  4. Buy styrofoam cones and colorful buttons and dressmaker pins for button tree project (craft morning with grandchildren).
  5. Decorate.
  6. Transform home into welcoming place for returning missionary son. Wash his sheets, for instance.
  7. Make sure home is mouse-free for returning &c.
  8. Read desperately jargon-y theory book for theory book group.
  9. Propose possible new mission statement for theory book group: "Read more detective novels!"
  10. Get rid of nagging cough.
  11. Candy making.
  12. Make many, many homemade Christmas gifts.
  13. Execute grand schemes of homemade Christmas food gifts for friends and neighbors.
  14. Go to library for something good to read.
Well, I really don't have time to be blogging, even, what with all the above to do. I can't imagine why I feel kind of cheerful, despite all that. Last day of classes? Perhaps.

TAGS: end of semester, awful but cheerful, the goose is getting fat, crafts, butter, buttons


  1. I have decided that sleep is my only impediment to getting my stuff done.

  2. So many things! I'm glad I'll get to see you at some point in there.

  3. Good luck with #9! (Couldn't you make a good case with The City & the City?

    And I should be mixing gingerbread for two little houses instead of . . . but I'm glad to here you are on your feet again! and full of cheer!



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