Monday, December 28, 2009

The year in pictures.

(HTMS: still ripping ideas off shamelessly [thanks, c jane]).

[Full disclosure: for those of you fact-checking, I acknowledge that the events described in the text and/or the images may or may not have "occurred" in the actual "months" indicated. But why are you "fact-checking"? Stop it!]


I was still on my sabbatical, hence had time to take moody pictures in my kitchen of stuff like this. It was cold, I think we can all agree upon that.


It was our anniversary, the 10th. We went to Carmel and tore it up, quaint beach town-style.


Dear Mr. Weather, Although this snow on the blossoms was poetic, I think that you failed to consider the fruit. Sincerely, htms

[also, Carter's birthday!]


I hung out with grandchildren, started making movies, panicked about my manuscript, doubted my worth in the great scheme of things, etc. &c. However, I also obtained the iMac of Power. So that was pretty good.

More months to come, in days to come. Also: The Best of 2009. Before 2009 is over, and that's a "promise."

"TAGS": months, calendar, retrospective, promises


  1. Man, I had a year in pictures post all planned, now it's just going to look like I'm ripping off your idea! but I guess that's ok, b/c you have good ideas. my pictures to come. or maybe i'll just eat more cookies.

  2. Beautiful moody picture from the kitchen. Feels very January.

  3. I eagerly await. Lovely!

  4. It is also cold now. And yesterday and tomorrow. So very, very cold. I have been eating my weight in sugar just to stay warm.
    Nice pics and I look forward to more.



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