Friday, December 11, 2009

Some awesome things.

20 beautiful libraries from around the world. (via go fug yourself, a continual fount of awesomeness)

A plethora of end-of-the-decade lists. (on kottke)

The above awesome things have inspired the following thoughts:

1. The Main Library in Salt Lake City is also beautiful. But it definitely has some competition.

2. Oh how I love lists. If I weren't occupied with other things, like buying buttons, pins, and styrofoam cones for the upcoming grandchildren craft extravaganza, and also about $100 worth of other stuff at the craft store that I totally needed, I would be making end-of-the-decade lists, too. Maybe I still will. I will add it to my "Shit I need to get done" list.

3. I won an XBox in a contest!!!!!!.

TAGS: win, beautiful, lists, buttons, craft store, $100


gilian said...

1. Sounds like you're feeling better.
2. You won an x-box?
3. Missionary son is home soon.
4. No wonder you're sounding better.

Amelia said...

No way. That is so awesome. You had your name mentioned on Mighty Girl? You are like a celebrity!

Nik said...

An X-Box? Wowser.

Emma J said...

Now I have a new ambition- to visit every one of those beautiful libraries. Love your lists and links to lists.

Mary said...

Such gorgeous libraries. Now, why wasn't Malaga Cove represented?

L'homme pressé said...

its a major award!


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