Saturday, February 07, 2009

Too much to do.

There's the rabble-rousing, the Saturday night date, the breakfasting with a friend, the planning of a future breakfast with my sister.  There's the figuring out of how to make my website work with my new computer.  Pasta to eat and a dog to walk, the novel about early English magic to finish and the new detective novels to begin.  A poem to revise. Documents to gather for missionary son. Vegetables to buy.

Che and Revolutionary Road to see.  And He's Just Not That Into You.

Enough sleep to get.

Clothes to hang up, packing to plan, a birthday card to mail.  Valentines.  

In other news, Important Radio that Will Improve Your Life Alert:
You might be tempted to skip listening to these, but do not!  Seriously.  Your life will so be improved, almost as if you'd simultaneously stopped smoking and bought a new iMac.

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