Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Indicators of my character.

Is there a poetry reading tonight?  Yes, there is.

Do I like and appreciate this poet's work?  Yes, in fact I do.

But is one of my favorite television shows on tonight? One with fiendishly complex plotting, one that I desperately anticipate each week?  Yes, a brand new episode.

Do I, in fact, have DVR for just such occasions as these?  Yes, I do.

Am I in attendance at the reading?  No, I am not. Clearly.

And does the television show start in eleven minutes?  Yes, it does. Actually, five minutes.

And will I be watching it? And will it all have been worthwhile?  Yes.  Yes, I will watch it and it will definitely--definitively--have been worthwhile.


  1. this reminds me of a game that one of my colleagues and I play. We try to have conversations in only questions. Can you believe it? Do you think I'd be good at it? Why do I do this, you ask? Can you and I try it sometime?

  2. ROFL I love it!

    Lisa, you are fantastic.

  3. I did not attend, but for other reasons, like it was Son's birthday. But did that prevent me from watching AI with Son? No, it did not.

  4. I have met this conflict before and succumbed to the choice truer to my nature. Especially on a cold, Wednesday night.



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