Sunday, February 01, 2009

Qu'est-ce que c'est, "super"?

Ah yes, the Super Bowl:  the moment in the sporting year when football concludes and we can all heave a sigh of relief.  That is what it means, right?  

Okay, I watched the last maybe five minutes (game minutes--we all know that game minutes are infinitely expandable, so those five lasted, what, an hour? an hour and a half?), and that was exciting, all the touchdownery and awesome receiving and sharp passing and whatnot.  In fact, if I could watch about ten minutes of action-packed football--what I believe is called "the highlight reel"--I might love football.  I used to think I didn't like football because I didn't understand it.  I have made an effort to understand it better, with the result that I still don't like it very much, so I guess it's because all that strategery (technical term) and marching up the field and lateralizing and all the lines--it just doesn't lift my heart and make it sing.  I will be happy to concede this is something wrong with me and nothing wrong with the game.  But my heart doth beat a little faster, now that football season is over for a good long while, and baseball doesn't get going for several weeks and so there is basketball:  beautiful, soaring basketball, which is currently a little hard to watch because of the horrible injury crisis plaguing the Utah Jazz.

Cooking news:  I had the splendid idea of making popovers this morning but the not-fully-splendid idea of putting them in the oven before the oven had fully preheated.  Alert: popovers require a fully preheated oven in order to pop, as it were.  I blame it on my not-fully-awake status.  Thus, our popovers were dense rather than airy, edible but not inspiring, a little bit sad, a little bit disappointing, and yet, still breakfast, so we ate them like the hungry people we were,  and are.  


  1. Moi aussi! Je suis content que nous pouvons maintenant se concentrer sur d'autres choses que du football. I never had a willing interest in the game, and only until very recently have I given in to the pressure to figure out what a fair catch, screen, safety, or all the other related jargon means. I have been in many a office break-room conversation that started off with "So...what did you think about so and so's punt return...?" or "... did you see what happened at fourth down?". I prefer a real game of football. Nothing like match between Manchester United and Liverpool. That's fun.sticar

  2. I was able to pay attention to the Superbowl for a few minutes while I was happily eating the nachos Will had made (black beans, roasted anaheims, pickled hot peppers from my fall canning extravaganza--yum!) and drinking a cuba libre. But once the nachos were gone, all I had to focus on was the commentary about god knows what, so I had to retreat quickly.

  3. Lateralizing? A very, very funny commentary here.

    I, alas, will miss the sight of tight pants and sound of shoulder pads crashing. Great Roman theater, don't you know.



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