Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feathers: a disquisition.

According to one of my very favorite tools, the American Heritage Dictionary, Appendix I, Indo-European Roots, the word feather stems from the root -pet, which means "to rush, fly," and is related in very deep, very ancient ways to the following:  
  • petition
  • compete
  • impetuous
  • perpetual
  • repeat
  • propitious
  • apteryx and archaeopteryx 
  • peripateia, and 
  • symptom.
If, as that brilliant but reclusive American poet once had it, hope is the thing with feathers, are the poems I just sent out to journals 
  • pleading their case? 
  • fighting for victory? 
  • ill-judged? 
  • ever going to get published? 
  • a sign of a compulsive disorder? 
  • lucky, possibly, just possibly? 
  • written in an archaic and possibly dead language? 
  • doomed to circulate forever? 
  • an illness?


  1. I think this post is itself a fine poem.

  2. I agree. But they are not an illness, but perhaps, a symptom.

  3. We need to start a journal of blog posts that are really poems, Nik, Dr.Write, and Megastore.

    I dig the new self-portrait, Megastore.



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