Tuesday, February 03, 2009

On my own: a little whine, with a dog story.

I like being alone.  I like shaping my own day and I like consulting my very own self about what I should do and when.  Of course, I like being with my friends and my beloveds, but what I'm saying is, I do find a lot of pleasure in solitude.


Today I felt almost itchy, I wanted so much to be in contact.  Stuff's going on at work, I'm missing my colleagues, there are never any e-mails, where are my updates?  It's made me a little snappish. However, I do have this to report:
Today, after I picked up Bruiser's poop in a poop-pick-up bag thingie, and I was trying to tie it off while my hands were in gloves, and we were crossing the street at one of our usual street-crossing places, and then there was a cat which he was very interested in, and I was saying, "No! No!," still tying off the poop bag and then, after the cat went into the garage and Bruiser was still looking backward as she disappeared, the little dog at that same house came roaring out into the front yard to the very edge of the chain link fence, barking like he was a T-Rex and Bruiser was going to be his snack, and Bruiser got in his play crouch and then dashed off, while I was holding onto the leash and trying to finish tying off the poop and I got whirled around and the leash flew out of my hands, the poop bag went flying, and I fell.  I'm pretty sure you could see daylight between me and the sidewalk at that point.  I didn't get hurt but it did make me feel mad.  
And when I got back home from this walk/debacle?  Still no e-mails.  

Whine out.


  1. I recommend the antibiotic Skype or the likes for that itch. Apply liberally on the weekend or even sooner.

  2. Luckily for us there is a very trashy movie coming out soon and we can see it. Together. If you see it without me, I will scream.
    And I promise to email you, even if I have nothing to say.

  3. Lisa,


    A totally inappropriate comment follows. Check out my son's blog on the Office. He has finally arrived. Contemplating the seriousness and beauty of pop culture:

  4. No emails? Really? Are you not checking your work account again.

    Ah, sabbatical. Enjoy the no emails.

    In any case, I will be sure to comment daily on your blog--new post or not.



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