Friday, February 20, 2009

I have a few questions.

1.  Who likes breakfast?  

I know I do.  In fact, breakfast is a consistent pleasure, day to day.  This morning I ate an omelet, with excellent sourdough toast, at Bambara with my friend--it was elegant and delicious and a complete joy.  Afterward, I took a walk with another friend, who asked me where I had eaten for breakfast.  When I told her, she exclaimed, "Oh! That's elegant!   When you told me you were having breakfast, I thought a muffin somewhere."  I could have explained about how, if you want a muffin in this world, you must make it yourself.  But I spared her a reprise of the Muffin Manifesto.  Tomorrow, however, there will be waffles.   Oh yes!  There will be waffles. 

2.  What could be more fun than watching the Oscar-nominated Live-Action Shorts Program? 

  Well, some things, probably . . . but it is fun to watch them.  You can find them on iTunes-- the historian and I particularly recommend the Danish one, The Pig, and the French one, Manon on the Asphalt.

3.   How many books should be on my reading list?

That's the reading list of books I want to read before school starts in the fall.  Actually, to date, the list is only an ether-list--I am contemplating making this list.  I began this contemplation this afternoon, after I read, with relish, the sports page from yesterday.   Even The Monson could not harsh my happiness about the Jazz.  So, I took my glasses off, began to drift into a tiny afternoon nap-glow with winning basketball high notes.  But then the phone rang, the Salt Lake Valley Police/Firemen Confederation or something, which I did not answer, but which did interfere with the nap-project.  So that left me scanning my shelves, which are full--full!--of unread books.  Hence, the putative list. So the answer to the question is, lots.

4.  How 'bout that Jazz?

How 'bout that Jazz!

5.  What should you do when you have a bunch of turnips you haven't thought of a recipe for?

Peel them and eat them raw. Good for you and delicious.

6.  What next?

Maybe the Oscar-nominated animated shorts tomorrow evening.  I am so prepared for the Academy Awards.  The readiness is all.


  1. Who knew Bambara had breakfast--I mean, it makes sense, it being in the Hotel and all, but how very elegant. Was the omelet delicious?

    As to turnips, I eat them raw. They're delicious on salads. Mm. I'm jealous of your turnips.

  2. Hail the turnip, underdog of root vegetables. And because you made me my first gremolata, I thought of a recipe for delicious roasted vegetables (code:turnip!) with pecan gremolata from an old issue of Bon Appetit. You would rock it.

  3. Am always up for elegant eggs!



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