Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Just one more thing.

My mom wrote me today, to talk a little bit about libraries (Robt. Kirby wrote about libraries in the Trib this a.m.)--she grew up in the rural South, so for her, the library was a bookmobile.  She said this:  
It brought to my mind the part bookmobiles had played in my life.  They certainly were instrumental in my youth in bringing books to our rural community.  The bookmobile came about every three or four weeks but it was wonderful and the only source of reading material available to me.  I have been reading incessantly ever since.
This reminded me of this awesome Library Bus in Sweden:

[via dezeen]

Just thought you'd all like to know about it. Make sure to click the link above for more pictures--the interior, for instance, where all the books are.


  1. Very cool. Now that's some distance ed I can get behind. Bringing books to the people!

  2. I miss the book mobile. I went to a tiny school that was overflow for the district, planned for one year but open for my entire elementary career. I would like to live in a book mobile, actually, and have a little cot amidst all of the musty books. That sounds like a glorious life.

  3. Yes, megacool. I think the library of my youth--you know the one, all of that beautiful stone and burnished wood--absolutely shaped who I am. Smack-on-the-head goodness.



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