Monday, November 16, 2015

The chill and its recompense.

I realized that I had a midday meeting downtown when I was still lying in bed.

[I realize that it's a little early in the post for a digression, but:]

DIGRESSION: It is not a good habit to be checking one's phone before one has arisen from one's bed. I keep reading this. It's like, basically, inviting the Stress Fairy in for a snuggle. And yet I do. I do invite the Stress Fairy, aka my iPhone, into bed with me. It's terrible.


Ugh. The meeting, I mean. Well, more the downtown-ness of the meeting, i.e., getting out of one's snuggery, aka, one's very own home where one was peaceably grading, and getting into the car and listening to the wind howling and driving when there's snow, &c &c it's the antithesis of the at-home-work-day I had planned in my mind before I checked my phone and saw that sneak attack of a meeting. Which was just fine, once I got there. Then there was the driving home. Midday meeting downtown, you'd be just fine except for the driving sandwich.

Even so, once I got home again, I had the presence of mind to put two cups of dried beans in water to boil then soak. I have like ten different kinds of legumes at my house. I don't know, precisely, what possesses me. These were Christmas beans, enormous and a lovely mottled color. I also have flageolets and black lentils and green lentils and garbanzos and some sort of black bean and cranberry beans and I think still some yellow Navajo beans? I don't know.

Well, if a cold day isn't a day for soup, I don't know what. So I graded some more, then worked out, then made chili.

I don't have an oven yet, so there was no cornbread, but there was toast, and there was whole milk yogurt and grated sharp Cheddar and cilantro to go with the chili, and dang if that wasn't the most fitting dinner ever for a mid-November day. Plus leftovers, which is but one of the saving graces of at-home-work-day, even with the interloping midday downtown meeting.

I cannot wait for that oven. Oh the baked goods that will issue therefrom!

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