Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Conversations that must be had.

It's late in the semester. That means there are projects to bring to fruition, or closer to fruition, or, you know, not as far from fruition as they were, like, yesterday. Projects. Today, we had a meeting to talk about projects and I took loads of notes, both digital and mental, including this one: holy shit, I have a lot to do. Then I rambled with my people down to the Publication Center to check up on another project. Whew. It's moving along, and it will keep moving along, and we will finish it, and then it will be grading/wedding/Christmas whoa!

Meanwhile, as I left the building in the dark and light, fading, and I saw the lights still on in the historian's office. So I went back in to say hi/bye.

We talked for a few about the thises and thats of our respective days, and then I got this text from my youngest son, on his way to Vegas to have Thanksgiving with his dad:

'Walker just texted me and asked me who is my favorite movie director,' I said, casually, as if I didn't even care whatsoever.

My thought process, from this moment forward, was like this:

1. [rubs hands together with glee]

I began:

I had to think about Paul Thomas Anderson. My thought process was

2. [what's that guy what's that guy what's that guy There Will be Blood Inherent VICE!!!]
3. [starts texting again:]

I looked up. "This question is, like, crack to me. Irresistible," I said.

And the historian laughed.

n.b.: if anyone wants to know my complete list of favorite movie directors, I will have it ready for your perusal tomorrow. by noon. there will be mexican directors, and chinese directors, fyi.

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  1. I don't think I can say favorite directors, because they all let me down at one time or another.
    I can only say movies, such as Annie Hall or Lost in Translation.
    Y Tu Mama Tambien.



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