Wednesday, November 04, 2015

America, lists are all I've got right now.

Today, I

  • worked out twice
  • packed the best salad in the known salad-packing world for my lunch, which happens to have been the exact same salad I packed yesterday, when it was just as good
  • graded, like, twenty pieces of student writing, approximately
  • conferred with loads of students. Like, five.
  • updated my CV, hashtag gross
  • went to a poetry reading
  • ate dinner from a drive through, I shall not name the (fried) food purchased therein, nor disclose that I ate it while driving to the poetry reading
  • wore a fox sweater, as in: a sweater with a fox on it, as in: a fox knitted into the sweater, as in: the image of a fox was on the front of my sweater:

and then
  • drove home while the sky couldn't make up its mind about rain v. snow
  • put on yoga pants omg and
  • collapsed.

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