Saturday, October 10, 2015

The ranks.

These are the drives with the information--of course it's disorganized, of course it's redundant--that contains the seeds of the narratives for my rank advancement portfolio. Me and these drives spent some serious time together this afternoon. At one point, I felt my will and my energy flag. I thought, I might be coming down with something. I thought, I might need a nap. I thought, I'm going home to take a nap so I can fend off this whatever it is that I might be coming down with.

one two three four five external drives.

And then, the drives hummed their subtle hum, and flashed their discreet, bright lights, and I thought, NO. So I dug a little deeper and, in digging, I found documents, many documents, some of which I printed and some of which I stuck into nested digital folders, folders which will one day find their way to an external drive much like these, and I will save these folders not once but twice or even three times, and then I'll search the drives and say, of course it's disorganized, of course it's redundant. 

Or maybe I'll have taken off my drive-digging gloves at that point. Maybe by then all personal rank-advancing archives will have ceased. Maybe, on Saturdays, there will be hours for napping to go with an hour for the farmer's market and the last cherry tomatoes. Maybe by then I will have bequeathed my drives to the dust. Or some archive. Or some dusty archive. At least in the drives I found some poems. Files of poems, redundant, disorderly, decidedly non-rankable poems.


  1. That's an impressive stack of drive which archive your work, HT! Of course, you have much fabulousness to catalog, so I'm not surprised it takes multiple drives to contain it all.

    Pausing in my own portfolio work to send happy wishes for a swift portfolio revision your way . . . . S

  2. I saw what you did there, you dug deep, just like Shaun T told you you could.



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