Sunday, October 18, 2015

The architecture of clouds.

After days of the most brilliant sun, we drove home today in clouds that were so close it felt like you could pull one down into a thin, thin fabric. A curtain. A veil.

cloud architecture from lisab on Vimeo. (music by Cloud Cult)

The power lines paralleled and crossed, an intricate loom. We wove alongside, the highway its own warp to the wires' weft. The cloud a fiber not yet spun to thread.

What held them together, just drift.

What held them together, just friction between cloud and cloud.

What held them together, an attraction to hillside, to mountaintop. To the cut field.

We drove west and then south. To the left, to the right, above us, before us, light and shadow shifting, and always in the shape of a cloud.

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