Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My current online shopping life.

Today, the historian's son's wife texted me, saying

dreaming of shopping is my dream cardio.

Things I know for sure:

1. When I'm stressed out, I take things extra-personally. As you may or may not know, taking things personally is one of my signature moves. So, you know. Extra-personal, with extra extra-personal sauce, spiked liberally with extra-personal. And a shaving of extra-personal for a garnish.

2. When I'm taking things personally--extra-personally--I start and do not send about a billion emails. The aggression I thereby keep on the inside is epic.

3. When I'm feeling the epic aggression on the inside due to the started-but-not-sent emails, I buy things online.

To wit:

dagger earrings. as my colleague notes,
'taking stabby to a whole new level.'

What can I say: these earrings are not the end of the shopping, either.

But I am, in fact, taking things less personally as of this evening (it rises and falls, like the tides), and am feeling, thus, less pent up aggression on the inside. It probably has something to do with being home, and having worked out twice, and having walked the dog, and having eaten food at my own table, and being with the historian, and its almost being bedtime. These are just my hypotheses.

In fact, my aggression level on the inside is low. It barely registers on the Aggress-o-Meter. And I believe that wearing little knives dangling from my ears will be just the ticket. I can't wait. I also can't wait

  • to turn in my damn portfolio
  • to get caught up on my grading (when I'm dead)
  • to clean up my study (after I'm caught up on my grading)
  • to drive into the north tomorrow for fall break
Wait for it: an onslaught of scenery photos! and behind that camera, I will be so chill!

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