Saturday, October 03, 2015

A few statements I would like to make.

After years--years--of being on the verge of a total breakdown, my oven finally gave us the finger. By that, I mean it kept on flashing an 'F1' on the control panel and beeping repeatedly. If that's not a big fat insult, I don't know what is.

In other news, we will be buying a new oven tomorrow.

Oven breakdowns, flipping the breakers so we could unplug all the wires behind the control panel that looked like they were the ones in charge of beeping, and so on, did not deter us from our nightly rounds. By this, I mean we went to see The Martian. Which was excellent.

Tomorrow, my writing group is coming over. Suddenly, all my lunch plans feel oven-centric.

Fine, soup.

When we were in Scotland, my daughter's oven broke down all of a sudden and it did not work nor did it get fixed the entire time we were there. I think there's a definite pattern here.

I intend to get in bed tonight and sleep like an international prize-winning sleeper. Sleep: I am coming for you.


  1. Our oven used to give us the F1 error, too. Kevin gave it a two-footed flying kick so hard that the error went away and our refrigerator, which had also been acting up, was miraculously healed.

    Is Walker around? Maybe he could give it a good kick.

  2. Soup at your house sounds like heaven, actually.



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