Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday stats.

Hours spent at home today (between waking and bedtime): 3

Sugar pumpkins purchased at the farmer's market: 2

Hours spent at a part-time faculty workshop this morning: 3

Days since our oven worked: 21

Percentage of crossword puzzle finished: 5

Number of times I listened to 'Surf's Up' on the way to Orem: 5

Minutes I slept when I got home: 45

Scary stories I heard on This American Life: 4+

Number of movies we saw this weekend: 0

The time I hope to wake up tomorrow morning: 8:30 a.m.

Assorted things I do not approve of: horror movies. The vast amount talking about work I do. Failing to see movies on the weekend. Working, as in going in to work, on the weekend. Not getting enough sleep. The fact that my oven is out of commission. The fact that the previous fact means I have to go to GD Lowes and order on and arrange for it to be put.

On the other hand, things of which I do approve: a croissant at the farmer's market. Sugar pumpkins. The hope of an oven and, therefore, baking. Friends. Visiting my parents and my sister. Eating a sandwich. Laughing. A nap. Listening to This American Life. Getting a #nachoselfie from my Scotland daughter. Seeing pictures from my kids on Instagram. Talking to my kids in general.

Sunday looks like it will be even better than Saturday, and Saturday has been good. Stay tuned.

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