Monday, June 03, 2013

The garden.

A few years ago, readers of this blog may remember, the megastore garden had a run-in with the law. Since that day, we have strived to manage the meadow in the front so that it is in compliance with the regime of tidiness called for by municipal code, if only barely; but we have also sought to adhere to our own aesthetic and spiritual tendencies. This meant a big redesign of the front yard, which still has untidiness and free-spiritedness to recommend it. Basically, we took out almost half of the sod and replaced it with flowers and plants in pots. It is messy and, especially at certain moments during the year, almost unbearably beautiful, if I do say so myself. And I do, I do say so.

Anyway, this morning I planted all the pots. It was nice to find that some of them have resurging plants in them already--miniature roses that are striving mightily to be medium sized, mints, a little blue flax which is a prodigious, not to say promiscuous spreader. So I tucked new plants in around the old. I've mixed vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I have geranium, which reminds me of my grandmother, marigold, lavender, rosemary, basil of all stripes, many tomatoes. I also planted a handful of delphiniums in a mostly sunny spot. I am hopeful about these. I also feel I may need to buy a few more pots, and why not? More is more around here.

We also may dig up a little more lawn. Right now, there are perennial geraniums and columbine and lemon balm growing in the lawn, and the thyme continues its encroachment (go, thyme!), with bees aplenty when it's flowering. So if we dig up a little more grass, I say we add more blue flowers, of which I am a fan. Maybe the flax will help out there.

Here's a little of what I did this morning. It looks more green than flowery, but that's where it all starts.


  1. I love me a green garden, actually. You see such great shapes in a green garden. And also you realize how many shades of green there really are. So well done, HTMS.

    Also. We've had a rash of calls to the city about other people's yards on our street this summer. Who does that? COME ON, PEOPLE. KNOCK IT OFF.

  2. I love wildness and intentional promiscuity of plantings. I love seeing your garden. Actually, I would really love to really see your garden. Plant on, htms!

  3. Oh to be in a garden where such beautiful greenery abounds! I agree with MJ -- plant on, htms, plant on!

  4. I too love the wildness and the promiscuity and your gardens. Well done indeed.

  5. Here's what I've been thinking about ever since I saw your post title:

  6. Missing the Megastore, btw.



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