Friday, August 24, 2007

Meadow update.

This has been a year of practically no gardening on my part. I don't know what that was about, really, except I couldn't get it together, or get motivated, or whatever, to plant almost anything. That means that we were able to see what there was, to let the things already there show their stuff. For instance, some teeny little phlox plants I'd put in the front flower bed a couple of seasons ago bloomed modestly this year. Next year, they should be even better. So there were some pluses to my utter lack of ambition.

The front lawn, aka the meadow, is making progress, but within the bounds of the law. We have kept the grasses (some dare call them weeds) at an unflagrant height (under 12") by weed whacking, for instance. But the creeping thyme keeps on creeping--one might describe the process as the thymification of the lawn. Flowers like columbine, flax, and true geranium have bloomed and are flourishing amongst the grass. My plan is to create a path of stepping stones through the middle of it, and let the plants keep on doing their work.


  1. We need some thymification here. Right now we have dessication followed by dirtification. And, aided by Gus, random-holes-in-the-yardification.

  2. We have diefication and also could use some thymification. I love that word and will say it often today just for fun: thymification, thymification... I really dislike our grass and the water it takes but I'm too lazy to plant some thyme or do some landscapification.

  3. Thyme. Why didn't it become the standard instead of Kentucky Blue? I think you can even play soccer on a field of good lemon thyme.



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