Thursday, August 09, 2007

Your 19th nervous breakdown.

I have a little summer cold. You know, the perfect accessory to end-of-summer dread.

On the one hand, there's something sort of luxurious (sort of!) in collapsing on your bed in the p.m. just because if you don't, you might melt away what with the sneezing, the drippy nose, the watery eyes. On the other hand, it's also awful.

I am reading--perfect, perfect trash--a vampire novel, written by a Utah girl, called Twilight. It has been a smash hit. Score for the Utah girls! The subsequent novels in the series have also been hits. Score again, Utah girl!

What will everyone around here eat for dinner? I guess they'll have to forage. I guess they'll forage, or they'll starve. Or they'll buy fast food. Yeah, fast food. That's the ticket. It's what makes America great, just ask running son.


  1. Miss you. Read about "Twilight" in Wall Street Journal!
    She's from AZ, actually.
    Had cocktails and delicious second meal, gratis. Will inform upon return.
    Pie in the future.

  2. Assumed from the BYU factoid that she was from UT. Sigh. How lonely our inferences are without evidence to back them up. (rephrased and stolen from Courtney Vance on Law and Order: Criminal Intent)

  3. She actually might be from UT, but she lives in AZ now. So she could still be from here. Didn't mean my comment to be snotty. Note to self: don't drink and blog.
    Looking forward to seeing you.

  4. Was there actually good teen fiction when we grew up? It seems like a total void...I remember children's authors like Dahl and Ellen Raskin and I remember Judy Blume writing that "controversial" crossover book "Tiger Eyes," but I don't remember any quality teen lit being written. JP got into fantasy and sci-fi and I guess there was SE Hinton but to me it seemed like a jump between kid books and adult work.

    Has this genre been with us all along or has it just started to attract quality authors?



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