Sunday, July 08, 2012

This week,

on a Habitat for Humanity build over spring break. 
my daughter comes back to Utah from Louisiana for a visit. She hasn't been here since January, and I am really looking forward to seeing her. We plan to
  • see movies
  • watch The Closer and probably a lot of other television while
  • laughing and
  • eating snacks.
We will probably also
  • have lunch and dinner out and
  • shop.
As a down payment on the fun, we are going up to Idaho for a few days this week. Lots of the rest of the family will be there, too. I am planning on
  • card games and
  • other games and
  • a lot of laughing and hardly any
  • crying.
Before she gets here, I am going to
  • clean the kitchen and bathrooms and other places that need cleaning, and
  • wash her sheets and prepare her room.
Good times, y'all. Cannot wait.

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  1. As they say over here, I am wel jel. (Very jealous) Have a great time!



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