Thursday, July 19, 2012


Thank heaven. There was an actual, rock n roll rainbow happening as we drew near Salt Lake, and the mountains to the west of the Great Salt Lake gleamed orange, reflected in the water. So so so so so very glad to be home again.

Some random airplane window pictures for you:




  1. Welcome home! I hope you get to rest your wandering conference feet for a while!

    P.S. I bought a big bag of cherries and couldn't help but think of your recent post as I worked to pit them yesterday. It made me smile. :)

  2. Your plane wing pic looks apocalyptic.

  3. Also: I have been pondering the concept of "mint sugar" since you so kindly recommended it (what, a month ago? longer?). I want to try it but I'm not a good chopper. Can the mint leaves and sugar be pulsed in a small food processor? Does the mint sugar need to be consumed relatively quickly? Kept in the fridge? What are the particulars, oh wise Megastore?

  4. I love flying into the SLC airport in the evening. The scenery is beautiful and it makes me happy to live in Utah. Lesley is saying this even though it will say Isaac because he is logged in right now. :)

  5. Kristen--I am sure you could do it in a food processor. I think it probably needs to be used rather quickly, since the mint is fresh-- within a day or two? Hope this helps, and I hope you try it--it is delicious!



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