Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fireworks bike ride.

Since it's already summer vacation, a holiday is less of a big deal than it might ordinarily be to me, except that the historian gets a break, which is great. I started my day with a bike ride around the neighborhood, which allowed me to check on my favorite gardens and also think deep thoughts. The historian took his bike ride on the Jordan River Parkway, where he saw a kingfisher.

This evening around nine, I said, "Is it too late for a little bike ride?"

He looked out our window and said, "Mmm, probably...well--maybe not."

So we hurried out and got on our bikes while the light faded. As it turned out, it was just in time for the neighborhood fireworks. So we rode around while people were setting off their fireworks, little and big.



Then, later, there were a few sparklers:


...and a few more fireworks in the sky:





  1. Love these pics, HT! The sparkles make me happy. :)

  2. Who would have ever thought people could buy and legally set off such fireworks in your own neighborhood...I have mixed feelings about the fireworks sometimes, but certainly I think they would be awesome if viewed while riding a bike.

  3. Lovely. And a Kingfisher?!!! Awesome-ness.

  4. howdy, I am having bad luck attempting to rank up for the words “victorias secret coupon codes”… PLEASE approve my comment!! Hand Held Sparklers

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