Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In other news, it's real hot.

Tonight, while taking Bruiser for a walk. Which he was pleased to take:

Bruiser: (lagging. Perhaps: lollygagging. Or so it appears.)

Me: (gentle tug on the leash) C'mon Bruiser! Come on!

Bruiser: (reluctant trot, followed by immediate and deep interest in a shrubbery)

Me: Oh, COME on, Bruiser. (doubling back, my strategy to countermand my occasionally deep impulse to yank.)

Bruiser: (lifts his head. Pants.)

The historian: I know, big guy. I know.

Me: It's just going to be hot like this for awhile longer, Bruiser. And then it will gradually get better.

Bruiser: (the hell you say.)

Hot dog, taking simultaneous advantage of the tile floor and the swamp cooler downdraft.


  1. Here's hat I learned today
    And it will probably be hot for a while for you guys.

  2. As usual, Bruiser's got it right.



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